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iTEP Test Centres

Thank you for your interest in becoming a certified iTEP Test Centre. Certified iTEP Test Centres are reputable organizations with a secure test facilities that administer the iTEP exams to test-takers. Test centres offer their facilities for administering the exams, including scheduling appointments for test-takers. Apply to become a certified iTEP Test Centre today.

Who can become a certified iTEP Test Centre?

Our Certified iTEP Test Centres come from a variety of backgrounds. In general, academic test facilities with access to a reliable computer lab, appropriate facilities, and a secure network are encouraged to apply.

As a Certified Test Centre, you will be open to the public and will be required to schedule test dates, as well as comply with iTEP policies regarding security. This includes the use of a web camera and required proctored test.

How do institutions benefit?

By offering test-takers more convenient places to access iTEP, institutions benefit not only financially but also professionally. Some of the benefits of becoming a Test Centre include:

  • Attracting clients to your test site
  • Gaining international exposure
  • Marketing spotlights by iTEP
  • Entering the vast iTEP networking community
  • Make a profit and much more!

How can I begin the process?

The steps to becoming a certified iTEP Test Centre are easy. Simply fill out our Test Centre Application Form and submit it online. You will receive a response from one of our representatives who will guide you through the approval process. If you have any questions concerning the requirements and cost, please contact us.

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