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Certificate Tests

The iTEP Certificate Tests are a suite of evaluations designed to give users a clear picture of test-taker proficiency at different levels of fluency in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). There are four tests available within the suite of exams:

iTEP Foundation: Evaluates test takers at the A1-A2 (elementary) level. Skills evaluated include grammar, listening, vocabulary, and reading. 

iTEP Essential: Evaluates at the A1-B2 (intermediate) level. Skills evaluated include grammar, listening, vocabulary, and reading.

iTEP Essential-Plus: Built as an expansion of iTEP Essential, the test adds writing and speaking to the evaluated skills of iTEP Essential.

iTEP Advanced: Evaluates at the C1-C1+ (advanced) levels. Skills evaluated include grammar, reading, listening, vocabulary, writing, and speaking.

How are iTEP English tests administered?
The iTEP tests occur online, at proctored computer labs situated in public iTEP testing centers or on-location at our client’s headquarters. 
How long does each iTEP Certificate test last?
Foundation: 30 minutes
Essential: 60 minutes (with “Plus” optional feature the time extends to 90 minutes)
Advanced: 90 minutes
What are some existing iTEP partners?
We have partner institutions all around the world, and our list of partners is always growing. To see a current list of institutions that accept iTEP, please click here. Interested in becoming a partner school? Apply today

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Aviam iTEP India is an international distributor of iTEP International and manages all the operations of iTEP.

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