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iTEP in Northwest India

Educators in the northwest district of India use a variety of tools to help their students reach their goals, including big dreams like studying in an English-speaking country such as Canada or the United States.  The newest tool in their toolbox:  English proficiency tests by iTEP.

Arashdeep Singh,Ph.D., the founder and managing director of Modern Group of Colleges-MGC Campus and founder and CEO chairman of E-Emerge Global is a native of Punjab, India, and is iTEP’s newest partner and currently the only iTEP partner in northwest India, a geographic region that covers five Indian states including the capital of New Delhi. Also a part of this partnership is E-Emerge Global, a consulting organization aimed at helping students study abroad. 

“English is not only a necessity to study in countries like the U.S., Canada, England, Australia or New Zealand, but it’s also a common business language”, said Singh. To meet the needs of students and customers, his organizations are working to offer the entire suite of iTEP English fluency tests, but Singh predicts that iTEP Academic and iTEP Conversations will be the most popular.

“These exams are a user-friendly product that we find value in,” Singh said. “Many students don’t need a three-hour exam.  With iTEP, the writing is concrete and the listening is very good.  These tests cover what the universities want, and that’s important.”

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Aviam iTEP India is an international distributor of iTEP International and manages all the operations of iTEP.

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